Baqsimi ® (glukagon näspulver)

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Baqsimi® (glukagon näspulver): Enhets ytterförpackning

Lily rekommenderar inte att glukagon för nasalt bruk förvaras utan intakt krympfilmsförsegling.

Detailed Information

Lilly does not support the storage of NG without its shrink wrap intact.  The shrink wrap serves two purposes:

  • Ensures the user does not open the tube until right before the drug is administered.  The opening of the tube before the NG dose is needed, potentially exposes the drug product to environmental conditions.

    • NG is hygroscopic, which means that the drug’s dry powder will readily absorb water that is in the air.  This water absorption may affect the potency of the medicine, and as result, may not work as expected.1

  •  Identifies that the single-dose container is unused.

    • It is possible that a used single-dose container may be placed back into the tube and later confused with a new one.1

Keep the single-dose container in the shrink wrapped tube until ready to use in order to protect from moisture.2

If the tube has been opened, the single-dose container may have been exposed to moisture. This could cause the medicinal product to not work as expected. Examine the shrink wrapped tube periodically. If the tube has been opened, replace the medicinal product.2


1. Data on file, Eli Lilly and Company and/or one of its subsidiaries.

2. Baqsimi [summary of product characteristics]. Eli Lilly Nederland B.V., The Netherlands.


NG = nasal glucagon (glucagon nasal powder)

Datum fӧr senaste ӧversyn 2019 M10 01

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