ZypAdhera ® (olanzapine pamoate monohydrate)

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ZypAdhera® (olanzapine pamoate): Administration of Olanzapine Pamoate

Olanzapine pamoate is for deep intramuscular gluteal injection only. Do not administer intravenously or subcutaneously. For full information on reconstitution and administration please refer to the summary of product characteristics.

Injection Based on Label Information

Table 1confirms the final ZypAdhera suspension volume to inject. Suspension concentration is 150 mg/ml olanzapine.1

Table 1. Confirm the final ZypAdhera suspension volume to inject1

Dose (mg)

Final volume to inject (ml)









Suspension concentration is 150 mg/ml olanzapine.

1.  Determine which needle will be used to administer the injection to the patient. For obese patients, the 50 mm is recommended for injection:1

   ▪  If the 50 mm needle is to be used for injection, attach the 38 mm safety needle to the syringe to withdraw the required suspension volume.
   ▪  If the 38 mm needle is to be used for the injection, attach the 50 mm safety needle to withdraw the required suspension volume.

2. Slowly withdraw the desired amount. Some excess product will remain in the vial.1

3. Engage the needle safety device and remove needle from syringe.1

4. Attach the selected 50 mm or 38 mm safety needle to the syringe prior to injection. Once the suspension has been removed from the vial, it should be injected immediately.1

5. Select and prepare a site for injection in the gluteal area. DO NOT INJECT INTRAVENOUSLY OR SUBCUTANEOUSLY.1

6. After insertion of the needle, aspirate for several seconds to ensure no blood appears. If any blood is drawn into the syringe, discard the syringe and the dose and begin reconstitution and administration procedure again.
The injection should be performed with steady, continuous pressure.1


7. Engage the needle safety device (Figure 1- Fig. 1 and 2).1

8. Discard the vials, syringe, used needles, extra needle and any unused solvent in accordance with appropriate clinical procedures. The vial is for single use only.1

Figure 1. Instructions for Needle Safety Device1


1. ZypAdhera [summary of product characteristics]. Eli Lilly Nederland B.V., The Netherlands.

Date of Last Review: 23 December 2020

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