Forsteo ® (teriparatide)

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What needles can be used for Forsteo® (teriparatide) device?

Forsteo can be used with insulin pen injection needles. We recommend using Becton Dickinson and Company (BD) needles. The Novo (30 and 32G) and Terumo (33G) needles may be used as well. No needles are supplied with the product.


What needle gauge and length should be used for teriparatide?

No needles are supplied with the product. The device can be used with insulin pen injection needles.1

The length of the needle does not affect how much teriparatide is injected. The accuracy of the dose is the same for all needles, as long as the directions in the user manual are followed.2

Testing confirmed these BD needles work well with Forsteo:2

  • 0,23 mm x 4 mm, 32G
  • 0,25 mm x 5 mm, 31G
  • 0,25 mm x 8 mm, 31G

The decision on needle gauge and length remains at the discretion of the physician or pharmacist.3

What are other needles compatible with teriparatide?

Forsteo has also been tested with the Novo (30 and 32 G) and Terumo (33 G) needles. These needles may be used with Forsteo.2

What safety needles have been tested for use with teriparatide? 

There are three kinds of safety needles that can be used with Forsteo:

  • BD Autoshield
  • BD Duo Autoshield
  • Novo Nordisk Novofine Autocover

These safety needles have been tested with Forsteo and have been found to be compatible.2


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2Data on file, Eli Lilly and Company and/or one of its subsidiaries.

3Forsteo [user manual]. Eli Lilly Nederland B.V., The Netherlands.

Date of Last Review: 24 April 2020

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