Trulicity ® (dulaglutide)

Trulicity® (dulaglutide): How to confirm dose delivery

The dose was delivered when the grey plunger is visible in the clear base at the bottom (needle end) of the pen.

Do NOT confirm dose delivery by counting clicks

During delivery, the user might hear clicks. The clicks are not suitable to confirm dose delivery.1

The following explanation might help to understand when the user can expect to hear clicks:1

  1. When the user presses the injection button, a loud click occurs that signifies the release of a spring inside the pen that advances the needle into the user.

  2. During dose delivery,

    • the amount of time the needle remains in the skin is controlled by the pen.

    • the speed at which the medicine flows out of the needle depends on how much push back the medicine will experience at the end of the needle (i. e., the resistance from the tissue and fluids inside the user)

    • the mechanism of the pen is designed to deliver the entire dose to the correct tissue layer before the needle is withdrawn from the skin.

  3. When the medicine is completely delivered, the needle begins to travel upward. The second click is heard right before the needle stops retracting. 

Continue holding the clear base firmly against your skin until you hear a second click. This occurs when the needle starts retracting in about 5-10 seconds.2

You will know your injection is complete when the grey plunger is visible.2

Further information required?

If you require further information, please contact us. Until then, the pen should be stored safely to avoid an accidental needle stick injury.2

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Date of Last Review: December 06, 2019

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