Abasaglar ® (basal insulin glargine)

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Abasaglar® (insulin glargine): How to use the KwikPen

Abasaglar KwikPen is a prefilled disposable pen containing 300 units (3 mL) of insulin glargine.

Instructions for Use

Abasaglar is available as a 3-mL prefilled disposable pen (KwikPen®) containing 300 units (100 units/mL) of insulin glargine (Figure 1).1,2

Figure 1. Abasaglar® KwikPen®2

Priming ensures the pen is ready to dose and removes air that may collect in the needle and cartridge during normal use. If the pen is not primed before each injection, the patient may get too much or too little insulin.2

A new needle must be used for each injection to help prevent infection and obstructed needles.2

The pen dials 1 unit at a time. 1 to 80 insulin units may be administered from a single injection of the pen.

If the prescribed dose is more than 80 units, the patient will need more than one injection. 2

The pen can only be dialled up to the amount of insulin units remaining in the pen. If the dose exceeds the number of insulin units left in the pen, the patient may

  • inject the amount left in the pen and then use a new pen to give the rest of the dose, or

  • get a new pen and inject the full dose.

A small amount of insulin will remain in the pen that cannot be injected.2

KwikPen: Safe Use

The patient should not use the pen if any part looks broken or damaged.2

If the pen cap is unable to be removed, the patient should gently twist the cap back and forth and then pull the cap straight off. 2

If the dose knob is hard to push, the patient should try the following:

  • install a new needle and prime the pen – the needle may be blocked

  • throw away the pen and use a new one – there may be dust, food, or liquid inside the KwikPen

  • push the dose knob more slowly – this should make the injection easier.2

To prevent the spread of infections, the pen must never be shared between patients even if the needle is changed.2

Patients who are blind or visually impaired should not use the pen without help from someone who is properly trained.2


1. Abasaglar [summary of product characteristics]. Eli Lilly Nederland B.V., The Netherlands.

2. Abasaglar [instructions for use]. Eli Lilly Nederland B.V., The Netherlands .


Abasaglar = Abasaglar® (insulin glargine) 100 units/mL

Pen = KwikPen®

Date of Last Review: 06 April 2021

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